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Ofsted Outstanding

Tiny Talkers' Programme

tiny talkersWe plan to introduce 30 weeks of Intensive Interaction for children with Social Communication Difficulties.

This is a specialised pilot to address the identified needs of local children in the area around their personal and social development and integration into the community and the education systems.

These sessions will be led by a Speech and Communications Specialists supported by a Teaching Assistant,using rooms at the Children's Centre.

The sessions will be highly interactive with the children, teaching early communication and interaction skills through fun activities using music, games, props, songs, noise escalation, various toys and educational items, drama and also sensory items.

This will greatly help to develop Eye Contact, Joint Focus, Joint Action and Building Anticipation for the children to increase their communication and social skills.

Children will be assessed as to their communication and social interaction and learning needs at the beginning of the pilot and their progress as well as the improvement achieved through the pilot will be monitored weekly and concluded in a pilot
project report at the end of the 30 weeks.

Ask one of the members of staff about more information and getting your child booked on to the course.





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